Designated an Historic Site

The historic marker just inside the gates of Glendale Cemetery reads:

Burial place, Texas heroes and pioneers. Began as private plot of family of John R. Harris, founder of Harrisburg (now part of Houston). First burial, on July 23, 1839, was of Mrs. Harris' cousin, Judge John Birdsall, an ex-attorney general of Texas. A cemetery developed without management or legal status. In 1897, local ladies formed Glen Dale Cemetery Company and kept grounds in order for years. After a period of neglect, a group began restoration in 1952. Glendale Cemetery Association, Inc. now manages the property and provides perpetual care.

Historical Marker

What it doesn’t say is that Texas history is inscribed on the headstones and monuments at Glendale. Founding families of Texas, Harrisburg and Houston are interred in Glendale along with veterans from the Civil War through the war in Vietnam. Also interred at Glendale are the men and women who worked hard, raised their families, contributed to their communities and helped Harrisburg, Houston and Harris County grow and prosper. Many of their descendants continue their legacy today and are actively involved in the preservation of Glendale Cemetery.

Notable Burials